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Diane Robinson

Our beloved friend and Water Volleyball team mate, Diane Robinson passed away on Saturday, September 27, 2020. Diane and her husband, Bob, were long-time members of the club and Diane assisted Bob as Director of Water Volleyball for quite a long time.

Diane always had a smile for everyone and she was very accepting of everyone. She made all the players feel welcome. She was also competitive, but kind. Her serving was among the best. If Diane was serving, the opposing team was probably going to lose three points! The way she conducted herself during play was the epitome of good sportsmanship. She was always there to have fun, and she wanted everyone else to have fun, too. We will miss Diane and our hearts go out to her whole family.  Rest in peace, Diane.

Diane R

Carolina Sherrill


Our friend and fellow Wallyball player, Carolina Sherrill, tragically died on Friday, Oct. 23 as a result of injuries from an automobile accident. Everyone from Rules Wallyball very much enjoyed playing with Carolina and they will miss her very much. Rest in peace, Carolina.

Carolina S

Jill Dryden

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Jill Dryden, a beloved wife, devoted mother, astounding grandmother, and friend to all whose lives she touched. Born Diane Jill Renfro to parents Marguerite Jean O'Donnell and Dorsey Renfro on July 26, 1945 in Seattle, Washington. Jill passed away peacefully in her sleep on Feb. 5, 2021. She leaves behind her husband, partner, and friend, Jerry Dryden, of 43 years. She was a loving mother to Dina Saunders, Cindy Kerr, and Michelle Hughes, and stepmother to Kim Esquibel, Christy Grant, and Natalie Berrinan-Paulson. She was incredibly proud of her grandchildren, Anastasia Rannow and Kristopher Snyder. She cherished her role as grandmother and adored her great-grandson, Kincaid Rannow. She further leaves behind her siblings, Lynne Hudgens, Philip Renfro, Joseph Hurley, and Jack Kehler, as well as her lifelong friend of 46 years, Carol Manning.

Jill lived an active, adventurous, and fulfilling life. For those that knew Jill, know that there are no words to describe the magnitude of her personality. She was honest, sincere, and forthright in her opinions, never leaving anyone guessing. She cultivated and nurtured all her relationships forming a strong social network within her community. Her compassion for others had no limitations and she found satisfaction in her volunteer work at the local food bank.

With her vivacious and charismatic spirit, she was drawn to dance and musical theater at a young age. She was involved in the Line-Dance Club from 2004 to 2021, and a proud member of the Desert Stars from 2005 to 2019, frequently performing in the Green Valley Follies. Additionally, she participated in water volleyball and volleyball, competing and placing in the annual Senior Olympics. Aside from her local involvements, Jill had a traveler's heart and an open mind, always embracing her wanderlust. Similar to her mother Jean, she felt a great sense of purpose from traveling the world, immersing herself in different cultures, and forming meaningful connections.

Due to COVID-19, Jill's family will not be holding a public memorial. The family thanks you for your overwhelming love and support during this difficult time. Please take a moment to honor and remember Jill as the vibrant woman she was, a Desert Star now dancing among the heavenly stars.

Jill D

Doug Bryan

DougBryanMemorial for web page.jpg
Doug B
Bob & Donna A

Bob and Donna Archer


Bob and Donna Archer were charter members of the GVR Volleyball Club. Bob passed away May 4, 2020 and Donna passed away in June of 2020. Bob was a great volleyball player and teacher and always willing to help people improve their volleyball skills. Donna was always a joy to play with. They will both be missed.

Fred Model
Fred Model 3.jpg
Fred Model 2.jpg
Fred Model
Fred Model CourtVolleyballBronze.jpg

Sadly, one of our long-time Sand Volleyball players, Fred Model, has passed away back in Michigan. Our hearts go out to his wife, Judy Schindler-Model and his family. Fred was a great guy who loved to play, even after he encountered some health problems. He really enjoyed the game and we enjoyed playing with him and we will miss him. On the left are Fred and Judy on the old sand and grass courts. In the middle is Fred with his 2018 Senior Games gold medal for Sand and on the right is Fred with his 2018 Senior Games bronze medal for Court Volleyball.

Hal Jewell

Hal Jewell

Hal was a great man and a great competitor. Most of all, he loved playing Water Volleyball and everyone loved having him in the game. It was a big shock to everyone when he passed. We will miss him. One of our favorite things to say when he would execute a great shot was, "Hal yes!" And we got a chance to say it a lot!

Mike Clemens

Mike Clemens

Mike Clemens was a great competitor. When he came to Water Volleyball, he always brought his "A" game. MIke passed away in July, 2023 of leukemia. We will miss him.

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