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Bylaws Revisions 2020

Sand Volleyball Rules


•     The size of teams will be decided based on how many people drop in to play. Regular count off of players will determine who will be on what team.  The director will analyze skill levels of each team and adjust to attempt at making the skill level on each team equal.


•     When forming lines for count off, it is not permissible to pick a spot in the line.  When entering the line enter at the end of the line.


•     In the director’s absence, someone will be assigned to perform the duties of the director.


•     6 to 8 players on a team.


•     Minimum of 2 hits per side, maximum of three hits per side.


•     A maximum of three serves per server.  Targeting weaker opponents is considered poor sportsmanship. 


•     Good volleyball procedures will be encouraged. The safest way to stop a fast serve is with a bump.  We want to encourage and not criticize good procedures.  Criticism of a player bumping a ball will not be tolerated. 


•     On court instructions or criticism of any type will not be tolerated. 


•     Player may not hit the ball twice in succession.  A ball touching any part of the body is considered a hit.  A second hit with the hand is considered illegal. 


•     Ball may be played off the net during a volley


•     A ball hitting a boundary line is in bounds.  The opponent team’s judgement of in or out of bounds will be final.


•     A player may play an out of bounds ball. 


•     Touching the net while hitting the ball over the net is considered illegal.


•     A ball is considered out of bounds if it hits the net pole or tension wires and deflects into the opponent’s court.


•     It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the ball


•     If two or more players contact the ball at the same time, it is considered one play and either player involved may make the next contact (provided the next contact isn’t the team’s 4th hit)


•     After the serve, front line players may switch positions at the net.


•     If there are more than two ladies on a team, Co Ed rules will apply.  The ball must be touched by a lady before it goes over the net. 


•     Reckless, careless or aggressive play will not be tolerated.  If the director considers a player’s action to be to offensive to others he will ask the player to leave.


•     Players will be expected to call fouls on themselves.



Sand volleyball rules effective 11/3/2018 

Water Volleyball Rules – Revised March, 2020


1. Three serves per person.

2. A player cannot hit the ball over the net to the opposing team in one hit.  The ball must be set to at least one person before it’s hit over the net.

3. One person can hit the ball twice in a row, but the second hit must be a set to another person and not a hit over the net.

4. An unlimited number of hits among team members is permitted before the ball is hit over the net.

5. If a team loses two consecutive games with a score under ten, then the next time that team enters the water it is mandatory for that team and the opposing team to change front lines or the four corner positions as the Director decides.

6. Front row or four corner changes do not apply to Senior Games.

7. No one other than the Director of Water Volleyball can change around individual players among the teams. 

8. Telling others how to play or making negative remarks about others’ play will not be tolerated.

9. The GVR Code of Conduct should always be followed.  Poor sportsmanship, negative remarks, and negative attitude will not be tolerated and may result in a player being asked to leave.

10. Complaining during play is not allowed. All questions and complaints will be addressed on a break or after the games. A game will no11. Arguing continually about a point will result in losing that point.

12. The Director or his substitute has the final say in all disputes.