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Sand is Back!

Sand is back at South Abrego on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays 

7 AM - Until we get too hot.


      People playing must sign GVR liability waivers BEFORE playing Volleyball. There will be a monitor near the entryway to the Sand Courts who will check each member in, and ensure signature of waivers. Once a member signs the waiver, they will need to bring proof of completion EACH TIME they come to play. That can be accomplished using a cell phone picture OR filling out an additional form and bringing that copy with them each time.

      Custodial Staff will be sanitizing the area frequently. We require that there be appropriate social distancing in place (6-8ft) at all times during play, as well as recommend mask and gloves, if able. The water is currently shut off at Abrego South to prevent the spread of germs, so folks should know to bring whatever water they need to drink for the duration of the day.


Our Center Operations Assistants (yellow shirts) will be coming through frequently to make sure players are spaced properly, that all players are GVR members, have signed waivers, and are following the rules. At this time we are only allowing GVR members (no guests yet) to use GVR amenities currently available. amenities currently available.


Contact Information:

President: Marilyn Querciagrossa


Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Spurgeon

Wallyball Director: Beth Dingman

Sand Volleyball Director: James West

Water Volleyball Director: Richard Reed

Address:  P.O. Box 24, Green Valley,

AZ  85622-0024

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